41 minutes | Aug 22nd 2018

The Jamesisode (It all gets weird)

Introduction When the James is away, the rest of the hosts of AIB will play. In a very strange turn of events, James is the only host missing from this episode. That’s right, there’s a Jeremy, but not a James. In his absence, the hosts decide to create a Jamesisode, or an episode dedicated to James. What follows is a bit weird and unconventional. Especially the intro. The Show To kick off the Jamesisode, Rob asks the hosts what they did with James this week. Jeremy’s been in Dubai, so he didn’t do anything with James. Kevin continued to fire James from working on their new Ninja Shop project. Rob asks everyone how they met James. Jeremy talks about how he came to the church that James was pastoring at the local movie theatre. His family visited, and he thought James was great. Kevin met James at a different church where James was the assistant pastor. They got to know each other, became best friends, and tried starting lots of different businesses. Rob tells a story about how he met James at Bonlife, the local coffee shop that James now owns. James sat at the same table everyday and eventually Rob began talking to him about business stuff. With the How I Met Your James portion out of the way, the hosts discuss an experience at a local business and some of the lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from it. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a great experience. The hosts bring out a few points:
  • It’s easy to muddle your vision when you are starting your business. Even if you start with a great concept, it can be tempting to enlarge your vision to the point of dilution.
  • If your business has a retail component, make sure that your space is appropriate for your needs. Having a space that’s too large or too small will harm your business.
  • Make sure that your core competency as a business comes through to your customers.
Our Recommendations In a very Jeremy move, he recommends that you buy a Tesla. But not just that, he recommends that you use his special offer code to get you free charging for life. (Jeremy insisted that I put the bold on there.) Kevin recommends getting a James as a best friend. But you can’t have the James James. That one’s already taken. Find another James. I guess. Rob’s tip and trick is to get a Pop Socket. No, that’s not a dislocated hip or shoulder. It’s a cool newfangled handle for your smartphone. It sits on the back of your phone and telescopes outward to make a handle or a stand if you want one. Rob’s into all the cool kid trends.