40 minutes | Dec 9th 2018

30 | Our Adventurers start a business


What gets you pumped? Does the sound of our theme song get you in the mood to talk about business? Apparently, Jeremy, Rob, and Kevin can’t be counted on to do the podcast without hearing the theme music. Much to James’ chagrin, Rob and Jeremy give everyone a taste of the acapella version of the intro made famous in the Jamesisode.

Do the hosts have a plan for this episode? Is there a concrete topic? Will they stop congratulating themselves on recording for two whole weeks in a row? Let’s find out in the next section!

The Show

Nope. There’s not a topic. It’s more of the free-wheelin’, off-the-cuff antics that you should have come to expect from this podcast.

Some talking points:

  • Saturday Drive had an awesome Christmas Party.
  • Rob is being tricked into joining the Saturday Drive team.
  • Kevin is dominating the Saturday Drive fantasy football league.
  • What do the hosts’ businesses do during the slow month of December?
Tips & Tricks

Kevin’s tip is to not be a fan of the University of Tennessee Football Volunteers. If you’re just now getting into this college football thing, you should just pick a winner. This obviously wouldn’t be Tennessee, a team who’s last bit of national relevance disappeared before any of the current players were even conceived. I hear Alabama is going to be great for a while.

Rob wants you to buy your kids a very special hoverboard. Not just any hoverboard, but a real Mozzie board! Apparently this board will help your child not fall off and break their arms, legs, or other appendages. Kevin and James correctly object to this product being called a hoverboard, since they have seen the Back to the Future movie franchise starring Michael J. Fox, and the Mozzie hoverboard does have wheels. If your kids want to ride on a fake hoverboard, buy them a Mozzie brand hoverboard, I guess.

If you’re interested in launching or hosting a podcast, James recommends that you check out PodPub. PodPub is a service built by the pocket protector crowd that will host your podcast, your feed, as well as a professionally designed website. If you want to get a podcast off the ground, let the bespectacled nerds PodPub do all the tech stuff for you.

Do your children constantly get mocked for their clothing choices? Are they social outcasts because they just don’t know a cardigan from a Kardashian? If so, Jeremy recommends getting your kids’ fashion game on point by using a service like Stichfix. It probably won’t help your offspring become more likable, but other kids will be less likely to banish them to the AV table at lunch.