45 minutes | Nov 30th 2018

29 | The busiest weekend in retail


This show kicks off with the hosts discussing the merits of different podcast schedules. They then have an internal discussion about when and where to record. Believe me, this makes for extremely riveting audio. It’s like the Serial podcast without all the interesting content.

After they sort out how frequently they record, they discuss Giving Tuesday and discover that they are all old and have no idea where new trends come from.

Jeremy then discusses how easy it is to get him to buy things with email marketing, as well as the fact that he bought a Peloton cycling bike. He doesn’t mention whether or not he is paying for the monthly subscription to ride a bike, but he also doesn’t give out an affiliate code, which is unexpected.

The Show

I’m not gonna lie. This is a weird one. There really doesn’t appear to be a single topic; the hosts just sort of ramble about several different things, so I’m just going to give you a bullet list.

  • Black Friday sales
    • James don’t do ‘em.
  • Email Marketing
    • Jeremy is a sucker for good email marketing. Rob doesn’t market via email, even though he is a marketer.
  • Facebook Advertising
    • James wants a Facebook feed that’s nothing but ads.
    • Rob discusses whether or not Facebook is shaping what we think and what we talk about by rewarding certain posts with views.
  • Chinese Social Rating
    • Is there a social rating number being used in China like a credit score? Who knows, but that doesn’t stop our hosts from discussing it.
  • Black Mirror Episodes
    • James mentions season 3 episode 3 of Black Mirror, Nosedive.
    • Black Mirror is too scary for Rob.
Tips & Tricks

Rob has recently purchased a very old car and needs to know why his check engine light keeps coming on. Instead of taking to a mechanic, he recommends purchasing an OBD Code Reader. It’s a little piece of plastic that you plug into your car so that it can tell your phone what’s wrong. Rob has been using it to diagnose his new/old rust bucket. If you want to buy an old car, maybe you should have one too. Or just get a car that works. Whichever.

With all the talk about using Facebook and how amazing and accurate Facebook ads are, Kevin recommends that you stop using Facebook. If you can’t bring yourself to delete your Facebook account outright, at least limit the time that you spend with the Facebook algorithm. He promises that your stress will go down, and you won’t know that your cousin is really into My Little Pony and racism.

Do you like ham? How about bacon? If you said yes to either of those, Jeremy’s recommendation will be right up your alley. Benton’s Country Hams has been smoking ham and bacon, and any other part of the pig, using traditional methods for generations. While their web address makes it look like they don’t know how to internet, Jeremy promises that they know how to ham and bacon. You can find them at https://bentonscountryhams2.com/.

James is right back to form, bringing an app for his recommendation. Any.do allows you to connect task lists and calendars together. He likes it because it pulls in calendars and task lists in the same place, but it also helps you plan your day by using what’s in your calendar and todo list. Be sure to check back next week to see if James is still using this app.