41 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

The Push Pipe is Boring ft. Michael Hladky - AiA 321

Michael Hladky rejoins the Adventure to have more discussions around performance and the push pipe. He jumps in and explains the let directive and leads into the other ways of managing changes in your Angular apps. Panel Sani Yusuf Subrat Mishra Guest Michael Hladky Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links Twitter: Michael Rx Hladky ( @Michael_Hladky ) Picks Sani- Angular.Training Sani- The Psychology of Money Subrat - Fun Of Heuristic - YouTube Contact Sani: Angular.Training Sani Yusuf Sani Yusuf – Medium Twitter: Sani Yusuf ( @saniyusuf ) GitHub: Sani Yusuf ( saniyusuf ) Contact Subrat: Fun Of Heuristic – YouTube GitHub: Fun Of Heuristic ( funOfheuristic ) Twitter: Subrat Kumar Mishra ( @subrat_msr )
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