37 minutes | May 27, 2021

Interesting Facts and Features of the Angular Router with Andrei Gatej - AiA 311

Andrei Gatej joins the adventure and discusses some less well known features of the Angular Router with Charles Max Wood. They walk through some of the features of nesting routes and how to debug issues when your routes don't bubble up the tree the way you expect. Andrei also explains how redirects and router outlets might not have been what Chuck thought they were. Panel Charles Max Wood Guest Andrei Gatej Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links Angular Router: Revealing some interesting facts and features Twitter: Andrei Gatej ( @anduser96 ) Picks Andrei- inDepthDev Andrei- This is Learning - DEV Community Charles- Premium Podcast Feeds | Devchat.tv Charles- Monthly Online Meetup for Devchat.tv Premium Podcast Charles- Words of Radiance: Stormlight Archive Contact Charles: Devchat.tv DevChat.tv | Facebook Twitter: DevChat.tv ( @devchattv )
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