66 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

AiA 307: What to Expect in Angular 12 with Emma Twersky

Emma Twersky is a Developer Advocate at Google on the Angular team and runs the GDE program for Angular. She walks Shai and Chuck through the features of the upcoming Angular release expected sometime in May. She also explains some of the process for choosing which features to work on and how things make it into releases of Angular. Panel Charles Max Wood Shai Reznik Guest Emma Twersky Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links Angular Debugging Guides by Emma Twersky Twitter: Emma Twersky ( @twerske ) GitHub: Emma Twersky ( twerske ) Picks Charles- She's in Tech | Devhat.tv Charles- Dev Influencers | Devchat.tv Charles- 2018 Modded Minecraft Server on AWS Emma- Spaceteam Emma- Nishu Goel: The journey to GDE Shai- Marvel's The Punisher Shai- GitHub | hirezio/auto-spies Shai- GitHub | hirezio/observer-spy Shai- A FREE Angular Testing workshop
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