38 minutes | May 30, 2019

Who Is Conrad Egyir?

He just earned his MFA from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art and now opened a major solo show at the Jessica Silverman gallery in San Francisco. Conrad Egyir might be the hottest emerging artist with Adventist roots in America. But America and Adventism is less than half his story. A relatively recent immigrant, in his own words Mr. Egyir’s creative practice borrows from the text and visually based languages of his native Ghana and the pre and post-colonial histories of West Africa. In my conversation with him for Spectrum, Conrad talks about identity, culture shock, his favorite thing about Adventism, and why he paints the same portraits over and over in his art. Links: Gallery: https://jessicasilvermangallery.com/exhibitions/conrad-egyir/ Website: https://conradegyir.com/
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