54 minutes | Oct 26, 2020

Missions - A Small Step, Or A Giant Leap?

Missions are being discussed widely within the European Union and beyond as a tool to steer policy, innovation, and research. Similar to other missions – to the moon, to cure cancer, and to eradicate smallpox – the missions-oriented approach seeks to set bold and radical goals to tackle our pressing environmental and social challenges. In this episode, we discuss the missions-oriented approach for innovation and governance, and provide highlights from the City Futures Summit on the same topic, hosted in October 2020 by the IIIEE. We also discuss with Kes McCormick – associate professor at IIIEE and moderator of the Summit – as well as Li Strandberg – IIIEE's new Communications Manager – about the event and the importance of communication and engagement when involving citizens and stakeholders in creating and implementing missions.
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