39 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

Energy Communities: a transition towards a more just energy system?

We use energy in almost every aspect of our lives. Yet, often, we do not know the source of electricity that powers our homes or heats our food. In this episode, we explore energy communities as a form of decentralised and democratic energy production. Community energy sees people coming together to take control of their energy needs, by finding alternative ways to organise and govern the energy system. For example, initiatives may focus on the energy generation via local energy cooperatives, distribution via local smart grids, or energy efficiency projects. But, how may energy communities support the transition to a more sustainable and just energy system? We discuss with researchers Jenny Palm and Daniela Lazoroska. We also share preliminary research findings that point towards gender discrimination throughout our energy system. This, in turn, suggests that greater efforts are needed to increase participation and ensure a more just energy system is achieved.
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