69 minutes | Aug 16th 2019

Barnet Bain - Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work

With clarity, humor, and insight, award-winning filmmaker of What Dreams May Come, Barnet Bain guides readers to unlock the raw power of the creative self in The Book of Doing and Being. In this episode he shares insights from the book with creativity principles and practices at the leading edge, offering a life-altering map for stepping beyond what we already know and into a dimension of imagination from which innovation is born.

Known for his inspiring movies and documentaries, as well as his popular creativity workshops, Barnet Bain makes available his teachings for the first time in book form. Discover how will and action come together with imagination and feeling to form the very foundation of creativity by working with this treasury of more than forty transformative exercises. Each one is designed to spark new creative connections by challenging our usual ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving.

These lessons, tools, and techniques serve to unlock great reservoirs of creativity in every individual, whether it’s jumpstarting or completing a project, launching a new business, creating a work of art, experiencing more fulfilling relationships, or making other dreams come true. Bain’s motivational guidance includes: rewiring your brain to unleash ultra-creativity; finding freedom from self-criticism, perfectionism, and other obstructions to productivity and creative expression; harnessing the two forces of creativity: inspiration and action; discovering your emotions as the doorway to creative aliveness and ingenuity; and heeding the call of your Real Work, regardless of age, education, or experience.

Step by step, you will make the discovery of a lifetime: how to stop being ruled by your past and start consciously creating your present and future. You will be surprised and energized—by your next creative impulse, the next idea that excites you, the next experience that moves you—and you will live a creative life.

In this episode Alex Doman and his featured guest Barnet Bain delve into a lively conversation about The Book of Doing and Being you don’t want to miss!

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