56 minutes | Sep 1, 2017

Your Adoption Gut Check

As so many parents know, deciding to adopt is a life changing decision no matter where you are in the process or what route you choose, be it domestic, international or foster care. Forming your family through adoption may be the most profound decision you've ever made and may have changed your life in ways you never expected. But let me ask you; were you ready for all of those changes? Do you have unanswered questions? Can you effectively parent your child and meet his needs? Is your choice affecting your family in ways you didn't expect? Do you feel supported? Are you OK with people's questions about your choice? With all it's wonder, there are aspects of adoption that are rarely talked about. As an adoptive parent this may lead to feelings of confusion, doubt, and isolation. In today's show were going to do an Adoption Gut Check. We're tackling some of these questions, creating solutions and easing troubled minds so we can continue on our perfectly imperfect path of parenthood.
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