56 minutes | Aug 18, 2017

The Transracial Family Experience: Adoption in Real Life

There are plenty of books, websites, and wonderfully well-meaning people that will try to provide support and advice to transracial parents when raising children of color. We know that adopted children of color need to know their own culture and have a diverse community of folks around them. When this doesn't happen, these kids can feel insecure, lonely and isolated. But when it does, children grow up with a strong sense of who they are which can transcend every aspect of their lives in the most positive way. As parents, you want to raise strong and racially competent children, but how do you accomplish that? You want Real Life strategies and solutions. Where do you start? There's no How to Manual. Well, how about we create one for your family?. In today's episode well discuss the top five strategies parents raising black and brown children can do now to transform their lives and raise Strong, Happy and Confident Children of Color.
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