53 minutes | Aug 11, 2017

Kevin Hofmann: Growing Black in White

Join me and my guest Kevin Hofmann, author of Growing Up Black in White. Kevin's novel is a moving and sometimes humorous look into the life of one man with a fascinating past. Born into the racially-charged Detroit of 1967 to a white mother and a black father, the author was placed into foster care and then adopted by a white minister and his wife, the parents of three biological children. Hofmann’s memoir reveals the racial tensions, the difficulties of feeling neither black nor white, his family’s loving support, and his struggles to define and embrace his own identity as he grew to be a man. This is a story of hope and promise, and how we are able to define ourselves not through the racism and judgments of a challenging Kevin takes us on his journey of growing up as a young by-racial child growing up in a all white family. His book chronicles being adopted as an infant throughout his young adult years
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