57 minutes | Sep 29, 2017

Hello Beautiful! : Hair Care and Your Adopted Child Of Color

Ok, So it's time to Do your black child's hair.. Now What? I know caring for your child's hair, especially if they are a different race than yourself, can be nothing less than overwhelming. It's a journey in unfamiliar territory right? But, I believe there is a better way. What if you had help? A blueprint for you to navigate those locks. We all need a little hand holding sometimes, right? But we know that this stuff is important and each of us has the same goal. We want our children to really like the face looking back at them in the mirror. With the proper understanding, education, the right products, and a maintenance plan I can help you care for your child's beautiful tresses. (Smiles for everyone!)​​ Friends get your pen and paper out because school is in session! We're creating a Blueprint for Your Black Child's Hair! (and their Soul!)
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