44 minutes | Jan 15, 2020

EP. 54: How Proper Breathing Reduces Stress, Stabilizes Emotions and Makes the ADHD Brain More Mindful

In this episode, Tracy invites Esther Nagel to our podcast. Esther is a yoga teacher, author and writer from South Wales in the UK. She is also an expert in breathing and was recently diagnosed with ADHD.    Esther shares:
  • why learning to breathe properly is a powerful tool in managing the ADHD brain 
  • how she connected breath to so much of her own personal struggles stemming from ADHD and how it changed her life
  • how proper breathing reduces stress, stabilizes emotions, and makes us more mindful
  • how breathing balances the autonomic nervous system and helps us to be more attentive (focused) and more relaxed.
  • some simple steps for breathing properly and doing it anywhere
  • her FREE 10-day breathing course
Resources:   https://spacetobreatheacademy.com/ https://spacetobreatheacademy.com/smartassbreath/ (this is the FREE 10-day breathing course that Esther mentioned)   https://www.additudemag.com/deep-breathing-exercises-for-adhd-meditation/   https://www.additudemag.com/just-breathe-diaphragmatic-breathing-for-adhd/
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