70 minutes | May 3, 2021

#18 Learning How to Learn and Language Acquisition with Ramses Oudt

TIME STAMPS[00:35] Learning with ADHD[03:46] Professional Learner Mindset[06:41] Developing Learning Skills[09:46] 7 Ways to Learn Efficiently [19:12] Visualization in Learning[22:50] How to Inspire People to Learn[26:56] How to Develop a Growth Mindset[34:23] Predictions for the Future of Remote Work[36:47] Language Acquisition [46:25] Full Immersion in Language Acquisition[48:15] Creating a Foundation in Language Learning[52:30] Involving Fun in Language Learning[53:56] How to Become a Good Salesperson Where you can support Ramses OudtTwitter: @rroudtRamseys.blog - Sign up for his newsletter, where Ramses talks about notetaking, flashcards, mindset, he covers it all!@RoamStackwww.roamstack.comReferences throughout the episode:alljapaneseallthetimeJosh Kaufman - The First 20 Hours----- https://gabrielhorvat.net/
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