53 minutes | Feb 6, 2019

Charlie Engle

World renowned, ultra-marathon runner Charlie Engle shares his journey from addiction to recovery. After a decade long addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine, Charlie hit his rock bottom in a near fatal, six day binge and dramatic police arrest. As Charlie embraced sobriety, he turned to running and this became his lifeline and his salvation. In running he found a purpose, passion and faith in the process of recovery. For Charlie, running long distances parallels the recovery journey, the highs and lows, challenges and obstacles and most importantly the desire to quit. “When I am finished with that 100 mile race, my hope is that I’ll have wanted to quit two or three times but I’ll find a way not to”. Charlie’s story is an inspirational account of one man’s path to freedom from addiction, one day and one step at a time. Charlie Engle, author of Running Man, is an endurance athlete, having won or placed in some the world’s most punishing long distance footraces. In 2007, Matt Damon produced and narrated Running the Sahara, a film about Charlie Engle and his successful bid to become the first person to run 4500 miles across the Sahara Desert. Charlie’s current project, 5.8, will see Charlie swim, free dive, run, paddle and mountain bike from the lowest on the planet, the Dead Sea, to the highest tip of the earth, Mount Everest.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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