66 minutes | Aug 2nd 2020

#45 Gem Hubbard - Disability Lifestyle Vlogger

Gem Hubbard is arguably one of the top Disability Lifestyle Creators in the UK with an international following for her “Wheels No Heels” channels. A medical mishap while a young girl left Gem fighting for her life in ICU. Waking from the induced coma, she was told that she was now paralyzed from the waist down. 

The transition to being a wheelchair user was rough physically and mentally and at one point Gem wanted to end it all. Lucky she didn't because her Youtube videos educate and entertain millions on how to life a fulfilling life as a wheelchair user. More importantly perhaps, her content highlights important changes needed to make our world more inclusive and accessible. 

In the podcast we discuss:

  • The early days of her recovery
  • What it took to find her tribe
  • How she overcame depression and found her passion
  • Love and relationships
  • Being a parent as a wheelchair user
  • Content creation and the business of vlogging
  • Wheelchair travel 
  • Disability advocacy

 To learn more and for links to Gem's content go to https://adaptdefy.com/gem-hubbard-podcast