32 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

Ep. 6: Special guest, David Blain, discusses the need for exceptional account service

Special guest David Blain, president of Saxton Horne in Sandy, Utah, discusses the lost art of account service and much more. David is a natural storyteller. Tune in to this 30-minute episode to hear David Blain the Ad Magician share:

- What it was like to work "24-hours a day" on Intel in the 1990s
- His thoughts on new business and selling great work
- How his agency's automotive clients continue to sell cars during COVID-19
- The need for and power of an in-house agency
- The need for agency team members to "really get" what the client is all about
- What qualities make for a great client
- The raw power of creativity to change the score for a client 
- How to create a "climate of receptivity" for wild ideas