60 minutes | May 14, 2021

Rolling into Resilience w/ Professor Billy Fields

Show Notes:This episode with Billy Fields, Ph.D. has reinforced our appreciation for just how interconnected everything is in our world, from active mobility to land use to pollution and the climate. Add to that the fact our mobility and stormwater systems can work together rather than against each other.We encourage everyone to check out this new book Adaptation Urbanism and Resilient Communities: Transforming Streets to Address Climate Change. And courtesy of Dr. Fields you may use the coupon code ESBAC for 20% off.Additional Helpful Links:Rails to Trails ConservancySan Marcos, TXInternational Sustainable Transportation Engagement Program – Study AbroadDelft, NL: WoonerfCROW ManualSustainable SafetyVision Zero – SwedenAmsterdam Street TrampolinesLondon initiatives: Mini-Hollands Healthy Streets Low Traffic Neighborhoods 20 is Plenty Campaign Our New Orleans episodeShow Credits:Audio Production by Active TownsA not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping communities create a Culture of Activity.Creative Commons License: Attributions Non-Commercial No Derivatives 2021Please consider supporting the Active Towns Podcast by making a donation or becoming PatronTo sign up for our monthly newsletter, scroll down to the form at bottom of our home pageBe sure to check out our video podcasts on our YouTube ChannelYou can reach John Simmerman by email at john@activetowns.org Music: Various Logic Pro X mixes by John Simmerman★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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