57 minutes | Apr 16, 2021

KC: A City of Opportunity w/ Laura Steele & Michael Kelley from BikeWalkKC

Show Notes:What makes Kansas City so relevant when it comes to the movement to create and promote a Culture of Activity is that it is so unremarkable and reflective of the challenges cities across North America and around the world are facing. As you'll hear from Laura and Michael during this conversation with John, BikeWalkKC is rising to the occasion and view KC as a City of Opportunity. Yes, they have their work cut out for them. But they are making progress, in education, in policy advancement, and yes, even in infrastructure finally starting to emerge on the ground. Additional Helpful Links:This Episode's Landing Page - for more photos and videosThe BikeWalkKC YouTube ChannelBikeWalkKC - Become a MemberBikeWalkKC - Newsletter & Mailing ListDecriminalizing Walking Biking BikeWalkKC Policy PlatformKansas City Physical Activity PlanShow Credits:Audio Production by Active TownsA not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping communities create a Culture of Activity.Creative Commons License: Attributions Non-Commercial No Derivatives 2021Please consider supporting the Active Towns Podcast by making a donation or becoming PatronTo sign up for our monthly newsletter, scroll down to the form at bottom of our home pageBe sure to check out our video podcasts on our YouTube ChannelYou can reach John Simmerman by email at john@activetowns.org Music: Various Logic Pro X mixes by John Simmerman★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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