4 minutes | Feb 20, 2021

Deep Freeze in the Heart of Texas

Show Notes:While cold weather and even snow are not completely unheard of in Texas, clearly the state, especially the power grid, is not prepared for such events. John touches upon some observations of neighborliness, community, and active mobility in the face of this powerful storm and extended power blackout. Landing Page for this episodeShow Credits: Audio Production by Active TownsA not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping communities create a Culture of Activity.Creative Commons License: Attributions Non-Commercial No Derivatives 2021Please consider supporting the Active Towns Podcast by making a donation or becoming PatronBe sure to check out our video podcasts on our YouTube ChannelYou can reach John Simmerman by email at john@activetowns.org Music: Various Logic Pro X mixes by John★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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