61 minutes | Jun 29, 2020

8. Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence with Valerie M. Sargent

The first step to "Unlearning" old mindsets is self-awareness. Tune in for my conversation with Valerie M. Sargent- National Speaker, Emotional Intelligence Strategist, Executive Consultant, Multifamily Expert, EQ Executive Coach, and Award-Winning Business Leaders. Valerie is a Level I and Level II TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) Certified Trainer. As an Emotional Intelligence Strategist, she is able to expertly help your employees increase their EQ, managing their emotions and relationships better on the job for maximum performance. Increasing EQ is exceptionally important now not only for Self-Awareness but to increase our social awareness and relationship management in these uncertain times in society and at work. She is the President of her own company, Valerie M. Sargent, Inc., and serves as President of Yvette Poole & Associates.Connect with our guest, Valerie M. Sargent at https://valeriemsargent.com/Please subscribe & leave a review. We love your feedback, and we want to hear how this show helped you get activated!Subscribe & Watch our YouTube Channel for behind the scenes interviews with our guests https://bit.ly/ActivationYouTubeVisit The Activation Hour for more on coaching, consulting and media atwww.theactivationhour.comJoin our Free Activation Nation Coaching Communityhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/activationnation1000Listen & Subscribe to the Audio Podcasthttps://theactivationhour.buzzsprout.com/Subscribe to our Podcast Email List! http://vid.us/9d16zeSponsor an episode and partner with The Activation Hour https://form.jotform.com/202883485688170Support the show (https://buymeacoffee.com/activationhour )
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