22 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

AMP218: Everything You Need to Know About Headline Studio With LaRissa Hendricks From CoSchedule

What does it take to write a great headline? A simple, yet effective tool that makes marketers more confident when writing headlines. Take the guesswork out of improving headlines.  Today’s guest is LaRissa Hendricks from CoSchedule’s product marketing team. She introduces Headline Studio, CoSchedule’s new premium headline testing platform that takes your headline writing to the next level.   Some of the highlights of the show include: Differences between CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer and Headline Studio Headline Data: Leads to more engagement, traffic, clicks, higher rankings Challenge: Know what to write to get people’s attention, click to read content? Familiar and New Features/Functions: Word/character count Headline feedback and suggestions History of past headlines Headline and SEO scores Word banks (power, emotional, common, and uncommon) Full thesaurus Free browser extension Search competition   Links: CoSchedule’s Headline Studio CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer LaRissa Hendricks on LinkedIn Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule   Quotes from LaRissa Hendricks: “Writing headlines can feel very vague.” “How are you even supposed to know what to write for your headline? How are you supposed to know what’s actually going to catch people’s attention? What’s actually going to make them click and read your content? That’s a huge challenge.” “With over four million headlines, we have a very good idea of what works and what doesn’t.” “Headline Studio is like a super fun playground for your headlines.”
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