38 minutes | Apr 14th 2020

AMP180: What's Broken With the Traditional Marketing Agency and Client Relationship Model (and How to Fix It) With John Bertino From The Agency Guy

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Sad but true, some marketing agencies try to sell services to clients based on what’s best and most important for the agency, not their client. When and how do you know that you’ve made the mistake of partnering with the wrong agency for the wrong reasons based on what seemed like a solid sales pitch?

Today’s guest is John Bertino, founder and CEO of The Agency Guy (TAG), a marketing consultancy that connects clients with agencies. John knows what it takes to create a successful client/agency relationship, and what businesses and marketers need to consider when shopping for an agency. 

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • TAG’s Model: Consult with brands of all sizes to demystify marketing channels
  • Top Problems: Too many marketing teams, specialties, and biased advice
  • Issues: Growing fast by sacrificing fundamental factors of business operations 
  • Inexperience and Inexpensive: You get what you pay for 
  • Education and Expectations: Talk in a transparent way, not over people's heads
  • How to be a better client? Be willing and ready to learn
  • How to choose an agency? Consider personality, services, and teamwork
  • Best Practices: Slow, controlled, methodical growth; put clients first
  • Hiring Process: Prioritize communication 
  • 4 Steps to Worry-free Marketing: 
    • Start a conversation with a brand
    • Create a high-level custom strategy
    • Connect with a vetted, proven partner
    • Measure performance to produce results


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