33 minutes | Mar 30th 2021

AMP 228: How CoSchedule Markets Multiple Product Lines (and How You Can Make Major Pivots With Confidence) With Nathan Ellering From CoSchedule

CoSchedule started as an editorial calendar WordPress plugin created by an agency that co-founders, Garrett Moon and Justin Walsh, ran called Todaymade. Since then, CoSchedule has grown. Not only has the core content calendar gone through a lot of changes, but so has the company. Today’s guest is Nathan Ellering, Head of Marketing at CoSchedule, which now offers multiple different product lines under one brand name. Nathan explains how CoSchedule made pivots and tackled some risks and challenges. His advice will help you navigate from being one company that makes one product and expand to one company that makes four products.   Some of the highlights of the show include: Product Positioning: How to funnel people in and say the right things Marketing Automation: Where to build out those funnels and nurture people Marketing Design: Make sure everything published is visually built and modern Customer Service: Incorporate customer service much more with marketing History of CoSchedule: How core marketing calendar software evolved Company Philosophy: Start where you're at with a smaller test product Marketing Work Management Software: Organize everything in one place Content Calendars: Meet deadlines and manage work effectively, efficiently Agile Marketing Tools: Hire product to finish work, deliver projects, prove value Current Products: Marketing Calendar/Suite, Headline Analyzer, Headline Studio Academy: Marketing education platform for marketers to understand, build skills Mission Statement: CoSchedule wants to help every marketer do amazing work CoSchedule Experience: Get the right messaging to get them into a product True Tenants of Agile: Where to ship, measure, learn, iterate, and begin Testing Culture: Launch something new with other people’s market research   Links: Headline Analyzer Headline Studio Marketing Calendar Marketing Suite CoSchedule Academy Marketing Strategy Guide Nathan Ellering on LinkedIn Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule   Quotes from Nathan Ellering: “We're aiming to create experiences that help out people who really are being marketed to...from a customer service perspective. That's been really fun so far.” ”We were working a lot with bloggers and we discovered many years ago that marketers are starting to turn to blogging as a great way to do content marketing.” “We identified the need that they had to just organize everything in one place. We say those words all the time. They really resonate with people.” “We want every experience at CoSchedule to be a positive one and one that lasts a lifetime of you being a marketer.”
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