38 minutes | Mar 9th 2021

AMP 225: How Marketers Can Run Successful Side Hustles With John Bonini From Databox and Some Good Content

Some marketers have side hustles to learn new skills, explore their passion projects, and make a little extra cash. Are you a marketer struggling to overcome challenges to be successful outside of your day job? Today’s guest is John Bonini of Databox, a business analytics platform, and his side hustle, Some Good Content, a subscription-based marketing education product. John offers advice on how to find balance and avoid burnout with content marketing.   Some of the highlights of the show include: Why start a side hustle? Two reasons: Passionate about a specific subject and can’t not talk about it Accelerates learning by creating content and building a community Why you shouldn’t start a side hustle: Motivated to get rich quick, make money Some Good Content: Advice, education, training should be helpful, not general Content Marketers: Expectations over their heads to drive traffic, generate leads Launch to Learn: Do something to get started, solicit feedback, feel productive Emotional Experience: Short-term setbacks and long-term mindset for side jobs Busy Work: Start quickly and don’t doubt yourself or get lost in the details Side Hustle Scope: Growth goals vs. supplemental time and money boundaries   Links: John Bonini on LinkedIn Databox Some Good Content The 7 Day Startup: You Don't Learn Until You Launch by Dan Norris HubSpot Drip G2 Help Scout Animalz Gong Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule   Quotes from John Bonini: “You really enjoy and/or are passionate about a specific subject and you can’t not talk about it.” “You get to play founder with none of the risk.” “Most content advice, most content education, most content training is often too general to be helpful.” “I just saw this gap between people wanting to get better at content and the content out there not really existing to help them do that.” “When you start to get lost in those thoughts of, ‘I don’t know if this is viable,’ what you end up doing is, you start defaulting to busy work.”
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