37 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

AMP 224: How to Throw Out the Leadership Playbook and Succeed During a Crisis With Simon Berg From Ceros

When you’re in a leadership position, sometimes it’s hard to know who to ask or where to look when you need answers to questions and solutions to problems—especially because others expect you to have all the answers and solutions. Today’s guest is Simon Berg, CEO at Ceros, an experiential content creation platform that empowers marketers and designers to create engaging, interactive, and immersive content experiences. Simon talks about what to do when forced to use your own critical-thinking and problem-solving skills instead of a paint-by-numbers playbook. Creativity matters!   Some of the highlights of the show include: COVID vs. Conventional Wisdom: Layoff people during global catastrophe? 2020: Incredibly difficult year of suffering, fear, desperation, anxiety, uncertainty Real Life: Other feelings of presence, pause, introspection, reflection, unity Adversity and Constraint: Ceros chooses opportunity for growth and creativity Big Deal: Happy Birthday, Mr. Berg; time to get drunk because the deal is dead Creativity in Captivity: Takes transparency, compassion, doubt, experiences Survive and Thrive: Commit to not touch salaries/jobs, if you support each other Best Year Ever: Build confidence and grow by believing in yourself and others Advice to Leaders: Stop looking in the book, instead look up and in front of you I can’t…What can you do? Only thing that you can truly control is yourself Reminder: Opportunities and problems are never easy, but hard to do Leadership Playbook Police: Break free from constraints by reframing goals   Links: Simon Berg on LinkedIn Ceros Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule   Quotes from Simon Berg: “There’s a lot of feelings involved. Feelings of the people that you lead, and feelings as the leader.” “I attempted to lead through, predominantly authenticity, being authentically myself, and then also, trying very hard to make sure that I was at the right time in the right ways leading through vulnerability.” “Every single person in a position of leadership, or otherwise, is a human being, and human beings are fundamentally flawed.” “Step forward and fight for what I believe made sense and have the courage to do the difficult thing.” “You won’t find a chapter that says, ‘how to run a company in a global pandemic with civil unrest, economic crisis, and an insane president. It’s not in the book.”
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