27 minutes | Feb 16th 2021

AMP 222: How CoSchedule Makes Design Magic Happen (And How You Can Too) With Tim Walker From CoSchedule

How does design happen, and how do designers and marketers collaborate? As a common courtesy, provide details to get more work done better and faster. CoSchedule is consistently committed to quality design and creative output. Today’s guest is Tim Walker, visual designer at CoSchedule. Tim talks about how he infuses brand with individual style that is distinctly CoSchedule. Discover how to replicate CoSchedule’s processes and philosophies.   Some of the highlights of the show include: Onboarding: Intimidating, exciting, and challenging to integrate individual style Standards and Guidelines: Set and define them to have fun within them Design Playground: Time and place to test new ideas, styles, and color palettes Collaboration Challenge: Communicate clearly about team/department needs What Works, What Doesn’t: Specificity, purpose vs. vagueness, no direction Intent: Good design doesn’t happen by accident, it takes thoughtful planning Investment: Don’t cut corners—good aesthetics authenticate your brand Inspiration: Collect designs from Pinterest, Dribble, Ehance, and Instagram   Links: Tim Walker on LinkedIn Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule   Quotes from Tim Walker: “Every designer has their own style. A lot of designers can do a lot of things, but I think each designer kind of has their own unique kind of signature. Integrating that into the brand, that’s always a fun little challenge.” “It’s really important to kind of have those standards set in place and well-defined, and then you can kind of have some fun within those. It was enjoyable to try to meld my own style with the existing guidelines.” “Everyone’s really great at communicating exactly what they need from design and the purpose of the design, too, and what we’re trying to achieve with it.” “If you have valuable content to share, why not give it some great clothes to wear?” “Humans are visual creatures. When we see images, our brains store the details verbally and visually. If you want people to pay attention to your content, and recognize your brand, or buy your product, share your posts, you need to have strong design or you’ll be forgotten and ignored.”
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