27 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

AMP 220: How Can Marketers Avoid Cybersecurity Disasters With Gary S. Chan From Alfizo Security Solutions

High-profile data breaches at big-name companies have become an all-too-common pitfall that creates negative press. Marketers need to protect their company and customers by knowing how to prevent a cybersecurity attack or security lapse. Today’s guest is Gary S. Chan from Alfizo Security Solutions. Gary is a cybersecurity expert and helps organizations make sure software and systems are safe and secure. Avoid being the next victim and consider the cost of inaction.   Some of the highlights of the show include: Why should marketers care about cybersecurity? To stay safe and do a better job Best Practices: Proper messaging, deliverability, and documentation gets clients Settings: Configure SPF and other security options for recipients to receive email Security Defense: Stop bad things from happening to you and your customers Remote Security: Technical services and tools to prevent serious problems Privacy Policies: Read terms and conditions to understand intended use of data Repeatable Software: Always use what others use, not something unfamiliar Security Certifications: ISO/IEC 27001 and Soc 2; clarify certifications Free Software: Money is being made somehow, so make sure it’s secure Collaborative Communication: Increase understanding and measure success Risks and Consequences: Takes only one event to close business, cause chaos Security Benefits: Leverage good security hygiene for peace of mind Google not only ranks content, but offers higher rating for better Website security Advice for Marketers: Follow guidance, use strong passwords, report suspicious activity, and attend security training   Links: Gary S. Chan on LinkedIn Alfizo Security Solutions Security Awareness Training ISO/IEC 27001 Certification Soc 2 Certification CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule   Quotes from Gary S. Chan: “I help businesses improve their sales, meet compliance, and stay safe.” “Larger clients tend to care about buying from companies with good security.” “If you don’t configure things properly, a lot of your emails will go to Spam boxes, which means that your recipients don’t read them.” “You’re going to lose customer data, you’re going to lose intellectual property, you’re going to lose time, you’re going to lose money, and you’re going to lose some of your reputation.”
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