36 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

AMP 217: How to Stop Doing Copycat Marketing and Do Authentic Work That Actually Resonates With Mike Poznansky From Neato

What's the problem with doing what everybody else is doing? Marketers are expected to come up with something wildly innovative or creative. Dare to be different and get unstuck by presenting interesting or authentic ideas in a meaningful way. Today’s guest is Mike Poznansky, founder and managing partner at Neato—a full-service marketing agency that helps brands connect with young audiences, including college students and Gen Z. Mike explains how to break out of a rut and do work that reflects you and your brand. What makes you uniquely valuable, instead of someone simply following the leader of the pack?   Some of the highlights of the show include: Neato: Uncovers insights, develops strategies, and creates marketing programs Turnkey Tactics: Marketers observe how successful brands market themselves Thoughtful: Put time, energy, and effort into effectively identifying ‘why’ or ‘how’ Copy-and-Paste Marketing: Don’t expect the same results by mimicking tactics College Culture: People's needs, pain points, aspirations are always changing Human-Centered Approach: Understand brand, organization, accomplishments Iterative Process: People on the ground and prototypes represent audiences Authenticity: Be yourself, know who you are, what resources/assets are available Failures: Try to do something for the sake of evolving and learning   Links: Mike Poznansky on LinkedIn Neato Ben Sailer on LinkedIn CoSchedule   Quotes from Mike Poznansky: “Prototype it, and then get out there and try stuff, and show up. Be a part of that experience or that event, and see how people respond, and talk to people afterwards. Then, refine it. It's an iterative process.” “Everyone acknowledges in some capacity, the need to build a genuine and meaningful relationship with the segment in order to get them to care about your brand. It's critical for brands to show up in an authentic way.” “Stay invested, stay involved, continue to refine that approach, continue to learn, continue to listen to your segment, assess the results, and figure out how you can improve and make it better.” “Fear of failure or fear of sounding stupid or uninformed, those are real creativity killers in businesses and in the agency-client dynamics.”
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