42 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

AMP 213: The Best Ways for Brands to Be Genuinely Helpful Without Being Sales-y With Richard Lau From Logo.com and Water School

What are the best ways for brands to make a difference during times of crisis? Connect customers with solutions to their problems.  

Today’s guest is Richard Lau, founder of Logo and executive director at Water School. Richard discusses how to build a business and brand. Find the right balance between being genuinely helpful and useful while driving sales and revenue.


Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Donations: Time, money, and network covers clean water project costs
  • NamesCon: Purpose of conference and partnerships to raise awareness
  • Sun, not Son: Women and girls are burdened with getting clean water
  • Colon Cancer Crisis: How it changed Richard’s perspective on life and business
  • Doctor’s Orders: Required workaholic to rollback on number of hours worked
  • Life Goals and Lifestyle: Borrowed or gifted time where life is about relationships
  • Compliment: Create a culture where everyone feels like more than a paycheck
  • COVID: Companies can better serve customers, employees, and communities
  • How to help other people? Prayer and passion; publicity is not the goal
  • Change Management: Invite and support others to do something—small or big
  • Pay It Forward: How are you, each and every day, a hero in your own life?




Quotes by Richard Lau:

“We use the sun as the main focus. The sun is what disinfects the water, rather than using chlorine or wood.”

“Life is about relationships. It’s not about money.”

“Life is too short to work for a bad boss.”

“There’s no better remedy for self-motivation than for helping someone in need.”

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