23 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

AMP 212: Empathy Is More than Emotion: How to Infuse The Basics of Human Relatability Into Your Content Strategy With Megan Thudium From MTC - The Content Agency

The belief that being empathetic means being emotional is not actually very empathetic. Marketers often misunderstand customers when crafting messaging and marketing content. How can marketers be genuinely empathetic?  

Today’s guest is Megan Thudium from MTC - The Content Agency. Megan discusses how to adjust, adapt, and authentically understand the needs of customers from different cultures and countries.


Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • MTC: Berlin-based B2B organic content marketing agency w/empathetic mindset
  • COVID and Cultural Barriers: Stay connected and relevant during tough times
  • Empathy Marketing: Long-term gain emphasized now when emotions are high
  • Empathy: Them to you, not you to them process for messaging and marketing
  • Worst-case Scenario: Miss the marketing message? Lose customers
  • Bottom Line for Business: Make messaging more empathetic for direct impact
  • Marketing Evolution: People want authentic, engaging, empathetic conversations
  • Consequences: Failing to do right messaging or following cookie-cutter structure
  • Practical Takeaways: Connect with and talk to customers/teams to get feedback
  • Back to Basics: Marketing should be empathetic; put buyer personas into action




Quotes by Megan Thudium:

“Empathy marketing is a long-term gain.”

“Empathy is understanding your audience at a level that has a deeper understanding of what they need.”

“You’re going to isolate your audience. They’re going to step away from you. They’re going to disconnect, which is the worst thing that we want in marketing because then we lose customers.”

“Depending on your specific audience, there might be specific needs.”

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