120 minutes | Dec 3rd 2020

Action Radio: And Then the President Made a Speech...

* Press the “play” button at the top left or on the picture to start the show. Call in number:  215 383-3832. Action Radio live shows and podcasts:  BlogTalkRadio.com/citizenaction International calls online - Skype name - GregPenglis Bill writing site:  www.WriteYourLaws.com Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ActionRadioGP Parler:  https://parler.com/profile/GregPenglis/posts Patreon sponsors:  https://www.patreon.com/ActionRadio ***** Action Radio Show Notes:   12/3/20    Although we seldom addressed the speech directly, all the issues we talk about were in the speech, his most important ever. 00:00 - The Fetke Report, with Bill Fetke.  Bill lept right in complaining about the bogus lockdowns of our holidays, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas, for no reason 30:00 - The Legal Report, with Jonathon Moseley.  The Legal Report went the whole rest of the show as we did a greatly expanded discussion of how to correct the election.  My idea was to freeze each precinct at the time they closed, as the only verifiable vote total.  Because after they closed, that's when the election violations occurred.  The State Legislatures need to disqualify the Party that cheated, and that would be Biden and the Democrats. * Action Radio is now part of a "Friend of the Court" brief in an election challenge in Pennsylvania!!!  Rock on!!! ***** Action Radio is the synergy of radio broadcast technology, the internet, the radio audience, articles, podcasts, news videos, state and federal legislators, the governors, and even the President, in an entirely new way to make our laws.  
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