5 minutes | Apr 21, 2016

You Can Beat the Tough Times - Keep a Positive Attitude

This week we’re talking about dealing with tough times. Not just dealing with tough times, but beating them. You’ve been there, all of a sudden the world seems to have you in its sights. You look outside and it’s a bright sunny day but when you go out, you look up and BOOM! There’s a dark cloud spitting lightening right over the top of you. What to do? That’s what we’re going to deal with this week. So far we've discussed getting yourself in control, as hard as that sounds.  We learned you really don’t have to react immediately so take a deep breath and back away from the attack. Don’t react, think it through and act.  Then, we found out it’s all about vision.  Not losing sight of your goal. Yesterday, we focused on solutions not THE PROBLEM!  You'll have plenty of time to look at the problem but don't do it now. Today, it's all about maintaining a positive attitude.  Your team will be looking for support and a positive attitude is the biggest boost you can give them.
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