6 minutes | Apr 4, 2016

How to Accomplish Twice as Much Every Day - - You Have to be Organized

This week our series will face off against good intentions murdered by lousy execution. You want to be someone who is accomplished, right?  If you answered “no” to that question you can click the off button now. Almost everyone wakes up at least some days and wants to take over the world.  At least their part of it.  The urge is there and if you think about it just a little, you’ll have the desire for it.  You’ll be painting pictures in your head in no time. And then your life intersects with “real life” and there is usually a collision that sends your hopes and dreams down the drain. This week I’m going to show you how to avoid the collision. Our first topic will probably be the most difficult for all of us.  Me included.  If you want to rule your portion of the world you’ve got to be organized.  And for darn near all of us that is really hard.
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