24 minutes | Jan 16, 2021

Are Music Videos Still Relevant in 2021?

Our first show of 2021!  COVID has forced us to bring you the show in a slightly different format.  Over the holidays I was working on some music videos for the clients that I manage.  This lead to a discussion among the guys about whether or not bands should still bother with making videos in the digital age. Whether it was the “Olden Days” when we watched The Midnight Special or Friday Night Videos or the many, many hours spent watching MTV, these videos affected our taste in music forever.  Things changed when Michael Jackson stepped up the game with Thriller.  But today there are very few outlets for videos… YouTube dominating the terrain.  So, how much energy, time and resources should a band spend on videos in 2021?  Are lyric videos a viable alternative?  There is some amazing cutting edge work being done in film.. is that spilling over into music video?  Join Ace, Mark and Sean as we discuss the whole music video scene in 2021.
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