37 minutes | Sep 16, 2021

Working with your dad, creating the ultimate client experience and technologies that the industry needs, with Bernie and Jason Ackerman

This week Stuart is joined by the father-son accounting duo: Bernie and Jason Ackerman. Together they discuss: The hunt for the world’s best scrambled eggs (0:55-5:35). Bernie’s career journey and how he got his son, Jason, to join his firm (5:35-8:08). Loyal clients and low turnover is part of the reason why BNA is doing well today (8:08-9:13). When you join your dad’s company, it's in your best interest to upgrade the tech stack (9:13-12:26). Creating the ultimate client experience (12:26-18:28). What technologies and improvements the accounting industry needs (18:28-22:36). The downfalls of the partnership model (22:36-25:26). What’s in store for Jason’s future and BNA’s future (25:26-29:58). Computers are not replacing accountants anytime soon (29:58-31:40). PPP loans and some positive impacts COVID-19 had on the accounting industry (31:40-36:41).
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