23 minutes | Oct 18, 2021

The inside story of GoProposal’s acquisition by Sage, with James Ashford

We're interrupting your podcast feed for a bonus, shorter episode to discuss some breaking industry news. Last week, pricing and onboarding app GoProposal announced that they had been acquired by Sage. To give you the inside story, we brought back one of our earlier guests, the co-founder of GoProposal James Ashford. In this episode, James shares why he made this decision, what it means for GoProposal's customers and the wider profession, what accountants can learn from his M&A experience, and most importantly, what comes next.James and Stuart discuss:  Making the decision to sell GoProposal at day 1 (2:15) Wrestling with your ego and testing the market (4:10) What accountants can learn from James’ experience (6:50) Deciding to sell GoProposal to Sage (9:30) Prioritizing the GoProposal team and ensuring their buy-in every step of the way (10:45) The positive and negative reactions from GoProposal customers (12:00) What will happen to GoProposal’s integrations with Sage competitors? (15:30) The next chapter for James (16:30) A deeper integration between GoProposal and Karbon (21:30)
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