58 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

The effect of having a designated motivator, defining the why, and creating an all-star tech stack, with Dawn Brolin

This week Stuart is joined by Connecticut-based CPA and author Dawn Brolin. Together they discuss: How experiences from coaching softball can be utilized in your accounting firm (1:14-8:45). Why you need a designated motivator (8:45-13:20). How to find the motivation (13:20-16:28). The importance of defining the WHY in your work (16:28-24:23). Trends in the industry (24:23-28:39). Dawn’s experience fighting against fraud (28:39-35:40). Innovation in accounting and the operational technology stack (35:40-47:11). Running a virtual-first company, and the opportunities it allows (47:11-49:11). All about Powerful Accountants Inc and their clients (49:11-56:51).
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