36 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

Networking, the benefits of running a small firm and saying ‘no’, with Gary Wood

Gary Wood from CRC, a small accounting firm in Missouri, joins Stuart on this week's episode. Together they discuss: The value of conferences, with a little sprinkle of hockey playoff talk (0:53-4:48). The importance of networking with accountants in similar-sized firms (4:48-6:44). Dealing with legislative changes and government resources during COVID-19 (6:44-9:55). Burnout, overworking and saying ‘no’ (9:55-12:12). Having deep, instead of wide, client relationships (12:12-15:29). Client retention and communication (15:29-17:54). Work-life balance (17:54-19:30). The benefits of working for a small firm (19:30-22:55). How does the accounting industry change its recruiting pitch to get young professionals into the industry (22:55-26:47). Why accountants love seeing their clients succeed (26:47-31:36). Creating a blueprint for running a small firm (31:36-35:20).
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