46 minutes | Sep 30, 2021

Improving life for your customers, powering prosperity, and not doing it on your own, with Jorge Olavarrieta from Intuit

This week, Stuart is joined by Vice President of Product Management and Design for Intuit, Jorge Olavarrieta. In a wide-ranging chat, Jorge shares the path that brought him to Intuit, how the business is solving its customer’s biggest problems, and what’s coming next.Together they discuss: Jorge’s education at Texas A&M University (2:30). The path that led him to a company that employs more than 10,000 and brings in $10billion annual revenue, and working under different Intuit leaders and CEOs (14:30). Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and accepting it as a form of currency (20:40). How marketplaces influence technology adoption (23:10). Competitors, partners and providing the best solution to the customer (28:30). Intuit’s approach to practice management and the decision to partner with Karbon (39:00).
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