54 minutes | Aug 25, 2021

Helping clients tell their story, building long-lasting partnerships and automating the accounting industry, with Steph Hinds

Long-time friend of Stuart, Steph Hinds from Growthwise, joins the podcast to talk about topics from accounting to Australia (and everything in between). Together they discuss: How Steph’s business and clients are handling the impact of COVID-19, how different areas of the world are handling the situation, and how community has been critical during the past 1.5 years (1:32-21:00). The importance of telling your story (21:00-24:45). Loving what you do and who you work with (24:45-26:39). When larger companies come into your town (26:39-31:52). Automating the accounting industry (31:52-41:39). The state of the Australian economy (41:39-53:40).
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