35 minutes | Aug 11, 2021

Calculated risks and lifetime learning are the keys to success, with Bruce Phillips

This week Stuart sits down with seasoned CPA and cloud technology advocate, Bruce Phillips from Aprio Cloud. Together they discuss: When traditional accounting was simply accounting (1:58-4:42). Mentorship and advice for the early years of your career (4:42-7:07). The biggest changes in accounting from getting rid of file rooms to cloud accounting (7:07-9:19). Global accounting (9:19-11:06). Relationship building, networking and lifetime learning (11:06-12:42). Owning a smaller firm vs. being part of a large firm (12:42-16:43). Changes in the talent market and how firm’s can meet current and potential employee expectations (16:43-26:43). The different cycles of accounting functions and the need for them to be automated (26:43-29:58). Why stop working when you can work from your boat (29:58-31:23). Advice for the next generations of accountants (31:23-33:55).
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