35 minutes | Dec 21, 2021

079: MeritB2B and True Influence Join Forces

Every contact with a B2B prospect impacts their ultimate purchase decision. To win their business, you need to gather, understand, and precisely act on enormous amounts of data that tells you who your prospects are and what they need. That’s the vision behind MerittB2B’s decision to join forces with True Influence to create a new, comprehensive customer data and campaign execution platform. “We’re going to be the unique set of complementary assets that creates a unique value proposition to the marketplace, and let people chase us,” said Rob Sanchez, CEO of MeritB2B, about his company's recently-announced decision to acquire True Influence. Sanchez and RK Maniyani, True Influences’ CTO, say that the combination of MerittB2B’s advanced data management and analytics capabilities and True Influence’s demand generation services and intent data technology will create a platform that encompasses most of the digital journey. Near-term plans for 2022 include pumping new data feeds from MeritB2B into the True Influence Marketing Cloud™ and scaling up demand generation services for MerittB2B’s existing customer base. The ultimate vision is to create a Customer Data Platform that empowers revenue marketers to execute on a complete view of their prospects and accounts. Rob Sanchez, CEO, MeritB2B RK Maniyani, CTO, MeritB2B What you will learn from this episode: How MeritB2B’s data and analytics expertise will combine with True Influence’s campaign execution and measurement services to create a comprehensive digital platform. Why combining campaign, demographic and transactional data creates a new level of customer intelligence. How differences in corporate culture and process can actually be an asset in innovation and cross-learning. You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rob-sanchez-275750b You can connect with RK on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rmaniyani Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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