46 minutes | Dec 10, 2021

077: Content Strategies That Speak to Your Customers

Decision-makers can interact with your content 50 or more times during the complex B2B buying journey. Rachit Dayal, the Chief Marketing Officer, APAC, for leading CXM provider Merkle, stresses that each of these touchpoints, particularly in the high funnel, doesn’t have to be a home run. Content is just a way to get your message across, Dayal says, and so long as it’s enjoyable and provides useful information it’s done the job, regardless of delivery format.

Dayal’s content strategies lean on creativity and a willingness to experiment across all channels, including consumer or lifestyle video. His philosophy is informed by his experience in different markets, where prospects’ expectations and reactions to content can vary widely.

Rachit Dayal, Chief Marketing Officer, APAC at Merkle

Listen to learn the following:

  • How to build distinct content strategies for long-range enterprise campaigns and for smaller B2B deals that fall within the existing budget.
  • Why B2B marketers need to stick with their creative ideas and tactics beyond “Season 1” and give them time to build momentum.
  • How B2B marketers can learn a lot from B2C’s focus on just making potential customers want to get to know you.


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