43 minutes | Dec 3, 2021

076: How Buying Group Signals Can Accelerate Momentum in Q4

Q4 is typically a challenging time for B2B marketers, as they face pressure to help land last-minute revenue and keep the ball rolling toward a solid Q1. Jessie Johnson, a principal analyst at Forrester, says now is the time for marketers to stay focused on enabling their prospects and target accounts to make the right purchase decisions and “stop counting leads,” as she puts it.

The best plan for accelerating momentum in Q4, Johnson says, is to listen to the signals Buying Group members are creating on your website and in your digital channels. Put your resources into facilitating the next step in those conversations. That’s the definition of enabling a prospect, which Johnson says is the real goal of ABE – not simply generating clicks that don’t move the decision forward.

One smart way to accomplish this is to identify content that is already connecting with Buying Group champions and then personalize it for an amplified outreach to influencers, Johnson says.

Jessie Johnson, Principal Analyst, Demand Marketing, Forrester

L:isten to learn the following:

✅ How to maintain focus on your prospects’ goals while amplifying successful tactics to build momentum and kickstart conversations heading into the new year.

✅ How the consumerization of the B2B buying experience has raised the expectations of prospects for real-time, self-guided purchase support.

✅ Why careful planning of your content will allow you to cost-effectively create personalized tactics that can accelerate momentum in your pipeline.

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