29 minutes | Nov 22, 2021

075: Email Privacy & Email Marketing

News that Apple is tightening privacy settings in its email services, along with a new wave of regulations coming under the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), has some B2B marketers questioning the future of email in connecting with in-market prospects.

Ray Estevez, True Influence’s Chief Information Officer, says marketers should embrace these changes as a step in the ongoing evolution toward omni-channel strategies and reporting. Email opens, the tracking metric most directly impacted by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection initiative, is already a low priority for B2B marketers, who should already be focused on what content is driving clicks and first-party engagement. Don’t rely on platform providers like Apple as your main source of behavioral data.

Estevez also encourages B2B marketers to invest in attribution and analytics systems that show how email, programmatic, inbound and Connected TV (CTV) work together to build relationships. Privacy should be viewed as a best practice, he adds, and marketers should view new regulations like California Privacy Right Act (CPRA) as a baseline for building their plan moving forward.

Ray Estevez, Chief Information Officer, True Influence

Listen to learn the following:

✅ How Apple’s recent email privacy changes and the CPRA are likely to affect how marketers can measure email response.

✅ Why B2B marketers need to move toward omni-channel strategies that move prospects toward deeply engaged first-party relationships.

✅ How multi-channel attribution and purchase journey modeling is the key to generating revenue and proving ROI for your marketing budget.

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Read Ray's article, mentioned in this episode, right here: https://trueinfluence.com/zero-party-data-what-it-is-how-it-can-benefit-your-business-and-how-its-different-from-other-data-types/

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