67 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

Episode 396 - Allagash Brewing Company

We’ve long been spoiled to have Allagash beers in the Chicagoland market, considering they still only distribute to about a third of the country, if that. But this show celebrates the brewery differently, with five brewery-only beers from Craig’s recent travels to Portland, Maine. And yes, even when they’re getting experimental, Allagash is as adept at balancing complexity with drinkability unlike few other brewers in the world. This lovefest also features a sentient (and inspiring) Gushy, for the love of B-sides albums, buddy cop films with two talking dogs, and some irate Pokemon fans. Branch beer, branch beer! Beers Reviewed From Maine, With Love #04 (Saison with Lemon Verbena) From Maine, With Love #05 (Tart Pale Ale with Juniper and Sea Salt) From Maine, With Love #06 (Belgian Lager) From Maine, With Love #07 (Pale Ale with Lemon and Sea Salt) Coolship Cerise Estate (Spontaneous ale w/ cherries)
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