13 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

What You SHOULD do to play your best golf

We can finish a round and talk about all the things that we should have done....things that should have gone a different way. We can do it in the middle of, around as well. then it starts to affect other shots and the other holes. What it looks like is: I should've made that putt. I should have gotten up and down. I shouldn't have short-sided myself. I shouldn't have hit the ball in the rough. We “should” and “shouldn’t” ourselves about different shots that we have on the golf course. It can become a habit that feels horrible. In this episode, I share with you 3 main areas where we think we should have done something different, how it affects our performance and what to do instead. Learn more here:KathyHartWood.comKathyHartWood.com/chat
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